How to Reduce the Stress that Comes with Travel Planning

Travel planning is stressful for most people. That’s because you have to plan every detail of your trip. However, if you let travel planning stress you out, you might not enjoy your trip. Here are tips to help you reduce or avoid the stress that comes with travel planning.

Be Organized

Set aside enough time to plan your trip. Have a computer folder or a special notebook to keep notes and documents together.

Have a Checklist

Come up with a checklist of everything you will need for the trip. This checklist may include things that you have to do before you go on a trip. These include booking a flight, applying for a visa, and making an itinerary. Typing or writing these things on a piece of paper can eliminate stress and anxiety in the travel planning process.

Have a Realistic Timeline

Decide on what you intend to do before the trip. For instance, decide on the things to do on the last Monday before the trip. This can be researching hotels at your destination and booking. Allow each activity sufficient time to avoid being overwhelmed by the last minute rush.

Seek Help

If you have a travel partner, seek their help with travel planning if you feel overwhelmed. This is very important if you feel overwhelmed or if you are too busy to do everything alone.

Plan Your Trip Early

Early planning allows you more time to do everything required to make your trip enjoyable. Last minute rush leads to stress that ruins travel experience.

Use Professional Services

If travel planning feels extremely stressful, enlist professional services. For instance, use services of a travel agent. You can also go on a guided cruise or tour where most of the planning will be done for you.

Remember that you don’t need to plan out your trip alone. You can seek help from friends, travel partners, or travel professionals to make the experience better.

Seven Amazing Ways to Enjoy a Long Flight

Are you planning for a long flight? You should prepare well so that it can be enjoyable and healthy. A lot of people get deep vein thrombosis and other health complications because of travelling on a plane for long distances. Your mental health can also be at risk if you spend over 20 hours in one place without talking with someone. You need to prepare well so that the long hours of flight can be enjoyable and healthy. The following five tips will help you to plan well before you travel.

Carry Your Favorite Snacks

Chances are that you will be lonely for many long hours. Although food will be served on board, you should carry your favorite snacks. Travelling in different time zones can mean eating dinner in the morning or being served lunch when your body was expecting breakfast. You need a few snacks to give you energy as you wait for the next serving.

2. Carry a Pillow and an Extra Blanket

The designers of airplanes have tried to make the seats as comfortable as possible. However, you may need something extra to make your comfort complete. You can carry a pillow to support your aching back or a blanket to soothe you to sleep.  

3. Do not Forget Sleeping Aids

Many people cannot fall asleep when they want to in an airplane. Even when the temperature is optimum, you may still find it hard to sleep.  If you have a serious business to attend to when you land, and you desperately need a good sleep, sleeping pills can be of much help.

4. Pack Eye masks and Earplugs

Since you are not in a private jet, there will be a lot of people around you going about their businesses. You cannot force them to sleep neither can you force them to switch off the lights. All what you can do is to wear your eye mask and earplugs and sleep.

5. Carry Minimum Luggage in the Cabin

To enjoy a long trip, you need enough space in your seat. You might have a book or a laptop, and the little space available is also demanded by refreshments and other items. If you carry a lot of luggage in your cabin, space will become scarce, and you will end up being messy. Only bring what you need in the cabin.

6. Move Around Frequently

Sitting or sleeping for over 18 hours is harmful to your health. Plan to periodically stand up and stretch. There is no need to be shamed when you stroll in the airplane because soon you will find almost everyone doing it.

7. Make Friends

In a long flight, the most important thing you will miss is an understanding friend. During the start of the journey, pick a discussion with the person next to you. You will be surprised how short the trip will be when you have a companion.


A lot of people are spending long hours on airplanes due to the effects of globalization. Prudence is crucial when preparing for a long flight. The above seven tips will help you to make your long journey enjoyable and healthy.